Strong. Luxurious. Traditional. Contemporary. Fiercely alive as the
islands it comes from. Wherever the tweed goes it has a story to tell.
Tides may turn and fashions change, but this honourable Harris twine
will always stay true to its core.

The Big Cloth
From our own doorstep to the farthest flung corners of the world, the Tweed
has always found a warm welcome. And with every new generation, new
friends are discovering the magical properties of the ‘Big Cloth’.
So here’s a celebration , a story if you will, of the thread that connects
disparate, desirable and distant forces all to the Harris Tweed.

Who are we
We are a Scottish collective looking to
promote Scotland to an international audience. 

Find us at
Martin Scott Powell — Photographer
Mike Benson — Writer
Malcolm Buick — Art Direction


From Harris to Paris

A Unique Voyage. An exhibition of photographs, video and stories at the Waldorf Astoria, Edinburgh.

Following the journey of the tweed from Harris to Paris, we explore Scotland's
national and international character. This is a story about people, craftsmanship
and how an traditional Scottish island industry remains relevant and connects to a global fashion industry that changes, literally with every season.

Opens June 21st until August 31st 2016


Thanks to our supporters.